Conventional Down Hole Hammers

  • Conventional Down Hole Hammer (DTH) sizes from 3 1/2″ to 30″
  • Flexible design and manufacturing process capable of adapting to meet your needs
  • Heat treated in-house for durability
  • Built for convenience—fewer parts and a reversible barrel for easy assembly
  • Split Bit Bushing is a bearing and a guide, easing assembly (no bands)
  • Reverse Rotation doesn’t cause Bit to fall off

Efficient and durable design refined over 45 years.

Custom DTH Hammers to meet specific specifications for the ground conditions your faced with or our standard design that draws from our past.

Simplest hammer in the drilling industry because it has fewer parts. It has wrench dimples in the barrel, back head, and chuck which make it possible to easily disassemble in the field or in the shop.

Download Holte's Conventional Down Hole Hammer Brochure

Example Conventional Hammers

18" Down Hole Hammer Conventional 
DescriptionPart #:
Holte 18” Conventional DHH010118
Adapter Sub100156
Back Head100160
Check Valve Assembly100162
Polymer Make up Ring100163
Air Distribution Valve100164
Porting Sleeve100165
Snap Ring100167
Bit Bushing100168
Bronze Chuck Wear Band 5/13100170
24" Down Hole Hammer Conventional 
DescriptionPart #:
Holte 24” Conventional DHH010124
Adapter Sub100172
Back Head100176
Check Valve Assembly100178
Polymer Make up Ring100179
Air Distribution Valve100180
Porting Sleeve100181
Snap Ring100183
Bit Bushing100184

Over 45 years has led to ingrained drill tool expertise. Our founder, Art Holte, remains one of the most gifted innovators and experts in the field of Drilling tool technology. Art’s emphasis on comprehension of the complete drilling system, and a relentless standard to make high quality tooling, have pervaded the company. We grow with the needs of the industry—not shareholders. Our sales and design teams have literally machined, assembled, and used our tools. Our offices are still on the manufacturing floor where we can hear the sweet sounds of CNCs and testing hammers; where machinists, sales, and designers can interact to make sure our drilling tools lead the industry.