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Project Description

Design, Consultation and Field Application Tools, &
Drilling Solutions & Supplies

Holte strides to remain the leading innovator of tooling and solutions geared towards reverse circulation and drillers in all applications of our industry. We have brought so many successful new tools, applications and complete solutions made in the U.S.A. to the market over the last 35 years. We understand what it takes to get approval from you local, state and/or federal jurisdiction when it comes to using new well, foundation and water drilling methods.

Our experience also allows us to work directly with drilling and construction contractors as well as engineers to communicate the means and methods needed to get the job started.  Holte’s unique approach to doing business enable us to work with you early on, designing and outfitting your drilling equipment and tooling needs in entirety through our experience and resources available at our three facilities in Eugene, Oregon.  Our company’s passion for innovation and the through the design our manufacturing process in Oregon, we are able to take that a step further and design, fabricate and manufacture with the shortest turnaround of anyone in the industry.

Our knowledge of drilling and our relationship within the industry allow us to supply everything you need to ensure you are set up from the moment you unload at the job site.

Since we sell directly to our customer it is imperative that we sell only the tooling and solutions essential to your needs.  The work that we put into your job does not come to an end when we send your tooling out the door.  Our dedicated workers travel to your job site and ensure that everything is installed and operating effectively. We guarantee to work alongside at the site to ensure no detail is overlooked. Our success is in your success!

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