Holte makes all the tools needed to install, cut, perforate, and extract your casing.  Our Casing Tools are durable, easily serviced, and we have tools that have been in use for 45 years.

Casing Tools The Holte Casing Cutter, Casing Driver, and Casing Perforator

6″ and 16″ Casing Cutters with Adapters for 6″ to 30″ Casing.

4″, 6″, and 10″ Perforators with Adapters for up to 24″ Casing.  Ideal for Well abandonment and getting more water out.  105 holes in 15 seconds, PVC and Steel.

Conventional, large diameter, and RC Casing Drivers for Casing from 6″ to over 20″ Casings.

3 sizes of Extractor Hammers to remove Casing and Drill String of all sizes.

Over 45 years has led to ingrained expertise with Casing tools. Our founder, Art Holte, was a well driller and remains one of the most gifted innovators and experts in the field. Art’s emphasis on high quality, durable, and fast working tooling, have pervaded the company. We grow with the needs of the industry—not shareholders. Our sales and design teams have literally machined, assembled, and used Drivers, Cutters, Perforators, and Extractors.  Holte Customers have tools they’ve been using for over 40 years!  Our offices are still on the manufacturing floor where we can hear the sweet sounds of CNCs and testing tools; where machinists, sales, and designers can interact to make sure our tools lead the industry.