Conventional Down Hole Drill Bits

  • Standard Conventional Bits up to 43” (1092 mm)
  • Underreamers ideal for Overburden conditions
  • Holte Conventional Bits are available in a variety of shank style, bit face, or button configurations.  Diamond buttons  are available for the ultimate in durability.

Let Holte work with you to design a bit to maximize performance in the ground conditions you are faced with on your next job!

Conventional Bits for Drilling
Conventional Bits being machined

Conventional Down Hole Hammer Bits
Example Sizes & Part Numbers

Down Hole Bit Conventional 
ATTN: Determine Shank and Face Style
DescriptionParts #:
Holte 5" Conventional DHH Bit020105
Holte 6" Cenventional DHH Bit020106
Holte 7" Conventional DHH Bit020107
Holte 8" Conventionla DHH Bit020108
Holte 8" Conventionla DHH Bit with diamond Buttons02010-0002
Holte 9" Conventional DHH Bit020109
Holte 10" Conventional DHH Bit020110
Holte 11" Conventional DHH Bit020111
Holte 12" Cenventional DHH Bit020112
Holte 13" Conventional DHH Bit020113
Holte 14" Conventionla DHH Bit020114
Holte 15" Conventionla DHH Bit020115
Holte 16" Conventional DHH Bit020116
Holte 17" Conventional DHH Bit020117
Holte 18" Conventional DHH Bit020118
Holte 19" Conventionla DHH Bit020119
Holte 20" Conventional DHH Bit020120
Holte 22" Conventional DHH Bit020122
Holte 24" Conventional DHH Bit020124
Holte 26" Conventional DHH Bit020126
Holte 28" Conventional DHH Bit020128
Holte 30" Conventional DHH Bit020130
Holte 32" Conventional DHH Bit020132
Holte 34" Conventiona DHH Bit020134
Holte 36" Conventional DHH Bit020136

Over 45 years has led to ingrained drill tool expertise. Our founder, Art Holte, remains one of the most gifted innovators and experts in the field of Drilling tool technology. Art’s emphasis on comprehension of the complete drilling system, and a relentless standard to make high quality tooling, have pervaded the company. We grow with the needs of the industry—not shareholders. Our sales and design teams have literally machined, assembled, and used our tools. Our offices are still on the manufacturing floor where we can hear the sweet sounds of CNCs and testing hammers; where machinists, sales, and designers can interact to make sure our drilling tools lead the industry.