Offshore Drilling

Whether it be drilling for pier infrastructure or exploring something new, Holte has a wide variety of experience in marine drilling. With many tools that have been tested in the field, we know what works for the people in the offshore industry.

A Common Product Line for Offshore Drilling

Our hammer bolt together design allows for rotation in both directions making drilling quicker and easier.  Paired with our quick bit change technology, which allows for changing of bits without removing the product from the drill string, the Reverse Circulation Hammer makes drilling more efficient!

Our customizable Top Head Drives allow for larger cuttings to pass through the center of the tool creating a smoother drilling system. With a Top Head Drive, you can also drill the max drill pipe length. These tools, available in our 3000 series and our Multidrive, are a long-lasting investment that are compatible with both reverse circulation and conventional drilling systems.

Holte Reverse Circulation Drill Pipe is dual walled which allows for cuttings to be directed and discarded through the center of the pipe and out of the discharge hose. Both Hex Joint and Threaded Pipe is available for your job based on what is needed for a successful drill.