Fishing Tools

Tapered to a small stabbing nose, the Holte Fishing Tool wedges and cuts its way into lost pipe and threads the pipe.  Once it is threaded in, the lost pipe can be pulled up with the fishing tool.

Although this tool is hardened steel for durability, the tool may be destroyed in one use.  This is due to its abusive application.  If it is used and unscrewed carefully, the fishing tool can be used several times.

Fishing Tool

Well Fishing Tools | Sizes & Part Numbers

Fishing Tool 
DescriptionPart #
1.0"- 4.5" Spear Fishing Tool280010
1.5" - 4.5" Spear Fishing Tool280015
2.5" - 6" Spear Fishing Tool280025
3.5" - 5.5" Spear Fishing Tool280035