A Relentless Standard

Our Founder, Art Holte, started as a driller dreaming of better equipment.  Art stopped dreaming, started designing, and today is one of the most gifted innovators in the industry.  His emphasis on understanding the entire drilling system, from Bit to Rig, and a relentless focus on designing the best tools for the job, have pervaded the company.  Holte builds tools to meet the needs of the industry—not shareholders.  Our sales and design teams have literally machined, assembled, and used our tools.  Our offices are still on the manufacturing floor where we can hear the sweet sounds of CNCs and testing hammers, where machinists, sales, and designers can interact to customize tools for your job.

Collaboration & Innovation

  • Dedication to new technologies and the resources to realize them
  • An Openness to tackle new challenges with custom solutions
  • Matched tooling for an optimized Drill String
  • Tools for large diameter holes
  • Complete RC systems from Bit to Top Head Drive

Our Vision

In the end our vision is simple—We want to work with you to provide tools specific to your job so you can drill faster and farther.