Hex Joint Drill Pipe Offers Advantages

  • Quick release hex joint pipe with two pins speeds up assembly/disassembly

  • Bidirectional rotation

  • Steel formulated, heat-treated, torqued, and welded for maximum strength

  • Dual wall—air travels through the annulus & tool joints

Holte’s Dual Wall Drill Pipe with Quick Release Hex Head was created by Holte Manufacturing as a solution to the problem of thread binding. This is particularly a problem with large diameter systems using traditional threaded joints due to the higher amount of torque applied to the drill string.

Holte Drill Pipe RC/Hex 
DescriptionPart #:
10-3/4" OD X 4.8" ID X 20' RC Hex Pipe090210-4820
13-5/8" OD X 6.25" ID x 5' Hex Pipe090213-6205
13-5/8" OD X 6.25" ID x 10' Hex Pipe090213-6210
13-5/8" OD X 6.25" ID x 20' Hex Pipe090213-6220
13-5/8" OD X 6.25" ID x 40' Hex Pipe090213-6240
16" OD X 8" ID x 5' Hex Pipe090216-0805
16" OD X 8" ID x 10' Hex Pipe090216-0810
16" OD X 8" ID x 20' Hex Pipe090216-0820
16" OD X 8" ID x 40' Hex Pipe090216-0840