Existing Top Head Drive Modifications

Holte Manufacturing has been doing Top Head Drive Modifications to retrofit existing drives for many years. We can turn your Kelly drive system, providing it has a large spindle opening, into a fully functional reverse circulation system.  It will be complete with air inlet, pinch valves for grout through technology, and cuttings discharge.

We have modified Bauer, Casagrande, Soilmec, ABI and many other brand machines into fully functional RC drilling rigs.  This makes them truly the most versatile drill rigs on the market today capable of drilling large foundation holes into hard rock formations where other systems simply can’t go.

These modifications will open new doors and will keep you ahead of the competition.  As the demand for larger drilled foundation holes into rock grows and spread footings any longer satisfy seismic requirements.

Contact us today at Holte. Find out how we can help you turning your rig into a more capable machine at a minimal cost.

You’ll be glad you did.

Over 45 years has led to ingrained RC expertise. Our founder, Art Holte, remains one of the most gifted innovators and experts in the field of RC Drilling technology. Art’s emphasis on comprehension of the complete RC drilling system, and a relentless standard to make high quality tooling, have pervaded the company. We grow with the needs of the industry—not shareholders. Our sales and design teams have literally machined, assembled, and used RC drills. We’ve modified drill rigs to work with RC. Our offices are still on the manufacturing floor where we can hear the sweet sounds of CNCs and testing hammers; where machinists, sales, and designers can interact to make sure our drilling tools lead the industry.