Casing Perforator

Save Time with Rapid Underground Perforation

Perforates the Inside Walls of Installed Steel & PVC Well Casing

  • Ideal for perforating wells for abandonment

  • Get more water out of old Wells

  • The easiest way to get perforations where the water is

  • Rapid perforation—105 holes in a 20 foot section made in 15 seconds

  • Pre-slotted Casing costs more, loses air/efficiency during drilling, and can clog while drilling

  • Saves time compared to torch/cutter perforation by hand

  • Perforate going up or down the Casing and control the angle of the perforation column

  • One tool can take adapters for many Casing sizes

  • Durable tooling, which lasts for years, more than pays for itself (many 25-40 yr old tools in the field)

Features and Options

  • 4”, 6”, and 10” for various Casing sizes

  • PVC and Steel Cutting Wheels

  • Roller and Slide Adapters for up to 24” Casing

  • Custom Adapters for odd and large sizes

  • Push or Pull Operation

  • Operates easily under water

20+ Years of Making Perforators Gives Holte Experience

The Holte Casing Perforator effectively perforates the inside wall of installed steel and PVC well casing in a variety of situations. The simply designed body allows the 4”, 6” or 10” unit and adapter to be quickly threaded onto your drill string through the use of standard subs.  Air or water engages the 6 – point cutter wheel while down pressure from the rig makes the wheel rotate and perforate to the desired depth.  Puncture size is adjustable by several methods to ensure the desired end result is achieved.

Parts Designed to Last

Newly designed, precision machined and carbon treated body ensures precision fit of internal parts.  This results in extending the life of parts that wear as they are not able to warp under the high stresses experienced during usage.

Standard units are designed to perforate up to .375” wall pipe and can be adapted for up to .500” wall.

Slide shoes adapt perforator units to puncture well and hole casing close to the nominal size of the perforator while roller shoes are used above 10″ to ensure the casing is not able to distort and reduce control of perforations.

Holte stocks a full line of adapters and replacement parts available for same day shipping.

Available in the following sizes:

4″ perforator units with adapters to 5″ casing.
6″ perforator units with adapters through 12″ casing.
10″ perforator units with adapters through 26″ casing.
Larger sizes are also available for custom applications.

Casing Perforator | Sizes & Part Numbers

4" Perforator 
DescriptionPart #
4" Perforator Assembly - 2 7/8" API reg. pin up260004
Top Sub Adapter100671
Perforator Body100672
Axle Pin100676
Axle Pin Bolt100677
Stop Tube100678
Piston Cylinder100680
Lower Housing100684
Pop-Off Valve100685
Travel Stop Right100686
Travel Stop Left100687
Cutter Wheel Yoke100673
Yoke Return Rod with Nut, Spring & Washers100681
Yoke Return Rod Only100701
Yoke Return Rod Spring Only100702
Steel Cutter Wheel100674
PVC Cutter Wheel100675
4 1/2" Slide Shoe Adapter100688
5" Slide Shoe Adapter100689
6" Perforator 
DescriptionPart #
6" Perforator Assembly - 3 1/2" API reg. pin up260006
Top Sub Adapter100690
Perforator Body100691
Cutter Wheel Yoke100692
Axle Pin (chrome)100695
Axle Pin Bolt100696
Stop Tube (conduit)100697
Piston - Brass100698
Piston Cylinder (base from Ideal Steel, DOM tubing separate)100699
Lower Housing100703
Travel Stop Right100705
Travel Stop Left100706
Roller Bearing - Required 2 (each price)(discontinued per Art)100708
Yoke Return Rod Assembly (Nut, Spring & Washers)100681
Shaft Only (Yoke Return Rod Only)100701
Spring Only (Yoke Return Rod Spring Only)100702
Pop-Off Valve Assembly - Aluminum (Same as 10")100730
Pop-Off Valve - Body101263
Pop-off Valve - Roll-Pin101264
Pop-off Valve - Spring101265
Pop-off Valve - Washer101266
Pop-Off Valve Bushing100731
Steel Cutter Wheel with bushing Thick Blade100693
PVC Cutter Wheel100694
Replacement Part:
Cutterwheel Bushing (Carburized Steel)100707
*6" Slide Shoe Adapter with retaining bolts (discontinued per Art)100709
6 1/2” Slide Shoe Adapter with retaining bolts100710
8” Slide Shoe Adapter with retaining bolts100711
10” Slide Shoe Adapter with retaining bolts100712
10” Roller Shoe Adapter with retaining bolts100713
12” Roller Shoe Adapter with retaining bolts100714
14” Roller Shoe Adapter with retaining bolts100715
Large Perforator (10 through 36/24) 
DescriptionPart #
Large Perforator Assembly 4 1/2''API Reg. Pin Up with 10" Slide Shoe260010
Top Sub Adapter100716
Perforator Body100717
Cutter Wheel Yoke100718
Axle Pin100721
Axle Pin Bolt100722
Stop Tube100723
Piston Cylinder100725
Yoke Return Rod with Nut, Spring & Washers100726
Yoke Return Rod Only (discontinued per Art)100727
Yoke Return Rod Springs Only100728
Lower Housing100729
Roller Bearing (each)
Pop-Off Valve (Assembly) Aluminum (Same as 6")100730
Body - Pop-Off Valve101306
Roll - Pin - Pop-Off Valve101307
Washer - Pop-Off Valve101308
Bushing - Pop-Off Valve100732
Spring Only - Pop-Off Valve (discontinued per Art)101233
Steel Cutter Wheel100719
PVC Cutter Wheel100720
Replacement Parts:
Cutterwheel Bushing (Carburized Steel)100733
Rollers for Roller Shoe Adapter (each)100735
Axle Pin For Roller On Roller Shoe Adapter (each)100736
10" Slide Shoe Adapter with Retaining Bolts100734
12" Roller Shoe Adapter with Retaining Bolts100737
14" Roller Shoe Adapter with Retaining Bolts100738
16" Roller Shoe Adapter with Retaining Bolts100739
18" Roller Shoe Adapter with Retaining Bolts100740
20" Roller Shoe Adapter with Retaining Bolts100741
22" Roller Shoe Adapter with Retaining Bolts100742
24" Roller Shoe Adapter with Retaining Bolts100743