Drilling Industries:  Drill Faster and Smarter with Holte Tools

Holte Manufactures complete, matched, drilling systems for all Drilling Industries, complete from Bit and Hammer to Top Head Drive modifications.  We have 45+ years of experience manufacturing Conventional Air Drilling Tools, a full line of Casing Tools, and loads of Accessory Tools (Fishing tools, Oilers, Shock Syncs, and more).  Holte specializes in Reverse Circulation Drilling with Grout Through Technology.  We provide Partial RC systems with Cuttings Interchanges.  Our RC Drill Pipe and Hex Joint Pipe are industry favorites for easy breakout.

Foundation and Construction Drilling

Foundation Drilling Minnesota

If you need big tools and experience with Foundation Drilling, Bridges, Secant walls, Micropiles, and using RC to keep clean in Urban and heavily regulated areas—Holte serves you.  We have a full line of Hammers, conventional bits, and also provide Eccentric, Ring-Bit, and Full Gage retractable arm Underreamers for overburden conditions.

Secant Wall Drilling

Marine Drilling

Ocean Drilling in Australia

Holte has worked around the globe with Drillers in the Marine environment.  If you are drilling Pylons for Piers, doing exploration, or working in Oil and Gas, our complete line of tools has been tested and proven drilling in the Ocean.  Reverse Circulation Drilling, complete with RC Drill Pipe, Hammers, and Top Head Drives, has become a method of choice for Marine Drillers faced with increasing challenges of containing turbidity produced from Ocean Drilling.

Marine Drilling of Pylons

Water Wells and Geothermal

Geothermal Drilling with a Big Hammer and Bit

Holte’s full line of Casing Tools including Casing Drivers, Casing Perforators, Casing Cutters, and Extractor Hammers helps Water Well Drillers finish jobs faster.  Hammers of all sizes and quick disconnect Hex Joint Drill Pipe serve both the Geothermal and Water Well Industries.  Holte inventories a full line of Accessory Tools like Water Diverters, Subs, and more.  We grew up drilling Water Wells and half the family (not building tools) is still finding water and drilling wells.

Water Well Drilling

Gas and Oil Drilling

Gas Drilling

Holte has tools for big holes needed for Oil and Gas Conductors.  We have experience getting through hard formations and offer Diamond Button Bits that last longer.  Our Hex Joint Drill Pipe permits reverse rotation in difficult situations.  Reverse Circulation tools help you meet regulations and stay cleaner in Offshore Drilling.

Offshore Oil Platform Drilling

Exploration Drilling and Mining

Diamond Exploration in the Arctic

Holte offers smaller RC Hammers and Cyclone Separators for mineral Exploration.  Whether you are drilling big holes for a mine, searching for diamonds in the Arctic, looking for precious metals in Alaska, or finding new electronics materials anywhere, Holte offers complete systems for Mining and Exploration.

Cyclone Separator for Exploration

Plywood Glue Mixing

Glue Mixer System Design

Holte manufactures Glue Mixing Systems and related equipment for glue plants in the U.S. and Internationally. With a variety of Glue Mixing Service and Tank options, we specialize in automated systems and custom solutions.

Glue Mixing Holte Manufacturing Logo