Reverse Circulation Bits

  • Precision hardened keys are lighter weight and facilitate short shank lengths

  • Shank design gives highest Piston-to-Bit weight ratio—maximizing button face energy

  • Airflow channel design and control minimizes Bit face plugging and eliminates unwanted pressurization of surrounding formations

  • Custom and standard sizes up to 43” diameter

  • Full Gauge Underreamers for Overburden conditions

Underreamer Gauge RC Bits

Holte Reverse Circulation Bits Offer Control

Thanks to Holte’s long history with drilling, we understand bits.  First of all, we know the importance of having a durable, effective, design leading your tooling down the hole. Art Holte invented the key drive system.  As a result, our complete line of reverse circulation bits can be changed quickly with hand tools.
Precision, hardened, keys are the core of our key drive system, taking the place of traditional splines. Due to this, they allow shorter shank length and lighter weight bits with very high piston-to-bit weight ratios. Delivering maximum energy to the button face means the drill is bringing rock chips to the surface, rather than wasting time making dust.
Tapered airflow channels reduce the chance of bit face plugging to ensure the hammer keeps running in all types of conditions. Careful control of airflow better directs air to the center of the bit face, helping to eliminate the unwanted pressurization of surrounding formations—above all making drilling in sensitive sites less risky.
Holte RC bits are available in a variety of shank styles. An innovative two piece design utilizing tungsten carbide or optional diamond buttons for the ultimate in durability. Sizes range up to 43” (1092mm).  Our flexible design, manufacturing and heat treatment process is capable of adapting to meet your needs. RC underreamer bits are also available.

Down Hole Bit Reverse Circulation

Down Hole Bit Reverse Circulation 
DescriptionPart #
Holte 9" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020209
Holte 10" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020210
Holte 11" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020211
Holte 12" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020212
Holte 13" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020213
Holte 14" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020214
Holte 15" Reverse Circualtion DHH Bit020215
Holte 16" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020216
Holte 17" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020217
Holte 18" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020218
Holte 19" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020219
Holte 20" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020220
Holte 22" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020222
Holte 24" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020224
Holte 26" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020226
Holte 28" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020228
Holte 30" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020230
Holte 32" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020232
Holte 34" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020234
Holte 36" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020236
Holte 37" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020237
Holte 42" Reverse Circulation DHH Bit020242