Reverse Circulation Down Hole Drilling Hammer Bits

Holte Reverse Circulation Drilling Hammer Bits Offer Control

As the most experienced reverse circulation manufacturer in the industry we understand bits and the importance of having a durable, effective design leading your tooling down the hole. Our complete line of reverse circulation bits are designed with that in mind.

Patented precision, hardened keys are the core of our key drive system that take place of traditional splines. They allow shorter shank length and lighter weight bits by eliminating bit bushings and utilizing inexpensive, replaceable delron wear plates. The compact bit shank design equates to the highest piston to bit ratio in the industry, in turn, delivering maximum energy to the button face so you are bringing rock chips to the surface, not wasting time making dust.
For the ultimate control and efficiency when hammer drilling look closely at Holte Drilling Tools. No other company can offer entire systems and solutions from rig to bit
Redesigned airflow channels reduce the chance of bit face plugging and ensure the hammer continues running in all types of ground conditions. This control of airflow also better directs air traveling over the face of the bit to the center helping to eliminate the unwanted pressurization of surrounding formations and making drilling in sensitive sites less risk.
Holte Reverse Circulation Bits are available in a variety of shank style, bit face and button configuration to include an innovative two piece design utilizing diamond buttons for the ultimate in durability. Sizes range up to 43″ (1092mm), but our flexible design, manufacturing and heat treatment process is capable of adapting to meet your needs if another size better suits the job.
Let Holte work with to design a bit that maximizes performance in the ground conditions you are faced with on your next job. Why settle for anything else?