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Used Drilling Equipment For Sale

Holte periodically has used drilling equipment for sale, both made right here at Holte, and from other manufacturers in the Drilling Industry.  Check back here periodically to see if you can get a sweet deal on a used tool that meets your needs!

3000 Series RC/Conventional Top Head Drive – $61,500 O.B.O.

Brand New! 2018 Inventory Clearance. Holte 3000 Series
RC Top Head Drive
Compact-30” tall

1,200 to 25,000 ftlbs – 0.4 to 109RPM
Top mount air inlet with straight out the top cuttings discharge. Also works with Conventional tools.

Learn more at our 3000S Rotator Product Page

Estimate based on average domestic U.S. rates: $2310  (shipping cost will vary by destination).

RD10 Rotator – $31,500 O.B.O.  

Atlas Copco Rotator with conventional air inlet and modified RC air inlet (both inlet tool joints are 4″ IF).

10 speeds forward and 3 speeds reverse, Head rotation speed 0 to 100 RPM, Drilling torque 10,000 ft-lb @ 100 RPM.

Fresh paint (already primed-choose your color after purchased).

Comes with original Atlas Copco Cyclone.

Shipping Dimensions for RD10 ~44″ x 37″ x 24″.  3000 lbs (Rd10 and both air inlets)

Cyclone: 41″ x 36″ x 32″. ~300 lbs.

RC Drill Pipe (9″ RC) – $3,700 per stick O.B.O.  

Thirteen 20′ sticks available.  9 inch threaded joints; 10-3/4″ OD.  Dual-wall, inners & outers single piece construction.

Clean.  Used on 1 small job only.

RC Drilling has many advantages!  More info on Holte RC Drill Pipe

Shipping Dimensions: 20′ x 11″ x 11″  1750lbs per stick

16″ Reverse Circulation Down Hole Hammer – $31,500 O.B.O.

Holte RC16 DHH.  Tested on ~200′ of borehole.  Receives Holte Bit Shanks.

20-3/4″ Bit also available (used on 1-job) for $1,800 O.B.O.  Key Drive system (higher Piston-to-Bit weight ratio).

Click to learn more about Holte RC Hammers (scroll down for RC16 parts and numbers).

Bottom end air check valves minimize debris entry.


Standard Diameter: 15″ (381mm)    Length w/out Bit: 59″ (1499mm)     Weight w/out Bit:  2680lbs (1216kg)    Cylinder Bore: 10.5″ (267mm)   Piston Weight:  450lbs (204kg)     Working Pressure: 100-300 psi (6.9-20.7bar)    CFM required at 200 psi = 1200 CFM   Top Sub: Hex Box     Min/Max Bit: 15-22″ (381-559mm)

Shipping Dimensions w/out bit: 15″ x 15″ x 59″ ~2680 lbs