Pacific Pile: Plamer Station Project

The Top Head Drive that Pacific Pile used was a 6000 series which has recently been replaced with the new Mutidrive. Both tools are high torque and reverse circulation ready. This allowed Pacific Pile to drill in the extreme conditions they faced. The Top Head Drive was a major contributor to the ability to complete this project in a timely manner.

Holte’s Hex Joint Reverse Circulation Pipe is quick release which allows for a quicker assembly and disassembly process. This is critical for jobs—like the palmer station project—where companies have a tight deadline to abide by. Most importantly, the high torque capacity and extreme durability from Holte’s machining fabrication and in-house heat treat process means they could count on the pipe to get the job done.

The Partial Reverse Circulation system was critical in the convenience for this job. A Cuttings Interchange —which allows you to switch from conventional drilling system to get some of the perks of a Reverse Circulation systemwas important for this job because it allowed for faster and further drilling. By using this modified RC system, Pacific Pile was able to use the tools to extend the drill string to go past the pile tip and anchor the load bearing piles.